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LSB Updates: 4.0, 4.1, Checkers

The Linux Standard Base (LSB) project is pleased to announce several updates to its suites of tools and tests. These updates are now available from the LSB Download page:

This update includes bug fixes to the LSB 4.0 test suite and application battery, the LSB 4.1 test suite, and the Application Checker and Distribution Checker front-ends.

Some highlights from the updates:

  • Several of the test programs have been built from a single set of sources, but built multiple times, which led to longer build times and confusing test versioning. Starting with this release, these tests are now all built in a single build from a single set of source code.
  • Builds of the 4.0 application battery have also been reorganized; the “libbat” set of helper libraries is now built so it can be installed at the same time as other versions of libbat. This feature is already supported in the development application battery, and will appear in the 4.1 appbat in a future update.
  • An issue with newer features in Linux dynamic loaders was incorrectly handled. We now accept system libraries using these features when testing distributions, but do not accept applications which use these features. Full support for these features is planned for LSB 5.0, currently in development.

Many other bugs were fixed in these releases. For a complete list, see the blocker bugs for each part of the release:

LSB 4.0:

LSB 4.1:


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