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LSB SDK 4.0.3 RC1

The first release candidate for version 4.0.3 of the LSB SDK is now available. It is not yet recommended for production work, but barring any serious bugs found in testing, will become the recommended production version, so everyone is encouraged to download and test the SDK on non-production code.

The easiest way to get the RC is to download the tarball bundle from here:

Download the appropriate tarball for your architecture, uninstall any previous SDK version you may have, unpack the tarball, and run the “” script it contains.

If you'd rather download individual packages, these can be found here:

Note that the new packages also require a newer lsb-setup package due to an adjustment in the package layout; this can be found here:

If you download the bundle, it will include and install the appropriate lsb-setup package.

The official release announcement will contain the full list of new features and fixed bugs, but for a preview, see our tracking bug:

We appreciate all outside testing. Please let us know if you find any bugs; you can report them to the mailing list, or you can file them on our bug tracker at

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