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LSB 5.0

The LSB workgroup is happy to announce the release of LSB 5.0, including specifications, development tools, and tests.

This release is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Yeoh, a long-time friend and colleague, and a contributor to LSB from the earliest days. Without his dedication this work would not have been possible.

The specification for LSB 5.0 can be found here:

To download our SDK and tests, please visit our Download page:

Certification is also now available; to certify, start with the Distribution Checker, downloaded from the above page, and start your certification from within the Distribution Checker.

Release notes can be found here:

Participants are welcome! We will be making significant changes to LSB going forward, including migrating to git and simplifying the project to make it easier to contribute. To participate, please join the lsb-discuss mailing list, file bugs with the LSB bug tracker, or come chat in the #lsb channel on FreeNode's IRC network.

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