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LSB 4.1 RC1

The LSB project is pleased to announce the availability of the first release candidate of LSB 4.1.

Links to the specification, as well as links to download the tests and SDK, are available at the following URL:

As of this writing, there are two known issues with the release candidate:

  • The decision to promote xdg-utils out of trial use was made after the latest draft of the specification; therefore, the current RC spec continues to list it as trial use.
  • Some of the tests for the IBM System/390 architectures (s390 and s390x) have not yet been built due to a problem with our build infrastructure. These will be made available as soon as possible.

Please review and comment on LSB 4.1; file bugs at our bug tracker (, or reply to this message to send feedback to the mailing list. We hope to have as high-quality a release as possible, which we can't do without extensive testing.

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