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FHS 3.0 Draft 1

Just in time for LinuxCon, we are pleased to announce the first draft of FHS 3.0!


You can see it here:

Versions of the draft are available in single-HTML, chunked-HTML, PDF and text.  Source code is available from our Bazaar repository here:

There are a significant number of changes in this draft from FHS 2.3. For a complete list of issues, both fixed and still outstanding, see our tracking bug in the Linux Foundation Bugzilla here:

Some of the highlights:

  • The source is now valid DocBook XML, with the appropriate tool changes.
  • New directories, including /run and /sys.
  • Removal of older compatibility directories, such as /usr/X11R6.
  • Many typos fixed, and clarifications made to ambiguous sections.

There are still some issues left to resolve, most notably:

  • A few of the proposed specification changes are still undone; these are usually issues where there have been differences of opinion.  If you don't see something in the draft that you think should have been in, please add comments to the bug report for your feature.  It should be linked to the tracking bug above.
  • The publishing information has yet to be updated.
  • Since the build infrastructure has changed as part of the move to XML, the formatting has not been fully vetted.
  • A reference section still needs to be added.

This draft should contain all of the major changes that have been proposed to bring the FHS up to date with current distribution practice.  Please review the appropriate sections, and send us feedback; we want FHS 3.0 to be as good a description of current practice as we can make it.  Also, feel free to forward this announcement to all interested parties (but please take care to follow netiquette and not spam mailing lists where it might be unwanted).

You can send feedback to the fhs-discuss mailing list.  Information on posting and subscribing can be found here:

Alternatively, you can file bugs or comment on existing bugs in the Linux Foundation Bugzilla:

Please file all bugs against the “FHS” product.

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