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The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) is a reference describing the conventions used for the layout of a UNIX system. It has been made popular by its use in Linux distributions, but it is used by other UNIX variants as well. The Linux Standard Base (LSB) refers to it as a standard.

Call for Participation

The LSB workgroup is preparing FHS 3.0, which will be the first FHS release since 2004. As part of that release, we are soliciting contributions from all interested parties.

Our goal is to release FHS 3.0 by July 1 if possible.

How to contribute:

  • We are continuing to use the old FHS Bugzilla. Please file any new bugs under the “FHS” product. If you have filed a bug there in the past, we will evaluate it shortly. If you have any additional information to provide, feel free to add comments to any of the bugs listed there.
  • We will monitor the distributions list at, lsb-discuss, and the new fhs-discuss mailing list for feedback (see below regarding the latter). Feedback from the lists will likely end up being tracked as bugs in Bugzilla.
  • We have set up a new version control repository for the DocBook source to the FHS. It uses Bazaar, and can be found here. This can be useful for submitting proposed changes to the spec as patches.
  • We have a new mailing list for the FHS, fhs-discuss.
  • Finally, we have set up a new reference specification section for the FHS at the Linux Foundation's specification page.
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