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Contributing to the LSB

The LSB workgroup is an open project, which welcomes contributions from all interested parties.

How To Contribute

Everyone interested in Linux, from users to developers to vendors, can give us helpful feedback. We are involved in the general Linux community, but we don't always see all the issues that are out there. Let us know if there's something we need to address, or if something is confusing.

We produce a good amount of code ourselves, from the tests and test infrastructure to tools like our SDK. If you're good at writing code, help us fix a few bugs, or contribute tests to improve our coverage, or make our tools that much more useful.

Even if you're not a developer, just using our tools and tests, and providing feedback on their helpfulness and usability, is very helpful to us.

  • The LSB Wiki is the central repository for all LSB development information.
  • Our mailing list, lsb-discuss, is where the workgroup discusses issues surrounding the LSB. Membership is open.
  • The LSB bug tracker, our Bugzilla instance, tracks our bugs, feature requests, etc.
  • We use Bazaar for version control for our projects. You can browse our available branches and projects at the Linux Foundation's Bazaar site.
  • We build and test our software using Buildbot.
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