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Building a New Application

In this section, builders of new applications can learn how easy it is to get their application ready for LSB certification, using the right tools to build and to test their application.

The LSB Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to validate the binaries and RPM packages to ensure LSB compliance and monitor the API usage by the application while the build is taking place so that conformance is assured.

  • Build an LSB Compliant Application outlines how to acquire, install, and run the tools to create an LSB-compliant application will get you started developing your new application.


  • The LSB Sample Implementation is a minimal LSB-conforming runtime environment used for testing purposes. LSB-compliant applications should be tested inside the sample implementation to insure they haven't picked up any distribution-specific quirks. The LSB Certification program requires an application be tested under the sample implementation.


  • The LSB Database Navigator is the web front end to the LSB database.  It allows you to browse and search the data in the database, and presents it in a way that makes it useful for application developers.


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