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Linux Kernel Mentorship Program Schedule

The LF Kernel Mentorship Program includes three 12-week, full-time volunteer mentee positions, and also two 24-week part-time volunteer mentee positions each year. The full-time mentee positions are offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The part-time mentee position is offered in the Spring and Summer. The mentee positions are designed to give program participants exposure to at least two Kernel releases. The Kernel release cycle is 7-8 weeks.

Overall Mentorship timeline Details

  • Attending an event: a Project event scheduled after the mentorship program has ended
  • Write and publish a blog about your experience and the project you completed.

Mentor time commitment

Mentors should expect to spend one to two hours per week during the entire duration of the Mentorship Program starting from the application process to the end of the program.

Mentee Evaluations during the program

Mentees are required to submit their progress for evaluation. Report contributions for evaluation.

  • There are 4 evaluations during the 12 weeks or 24 weeks.
  • 4 evaluations tasks will be assigned to enable you to upload your reports and receive feedback.
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