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Google Summer of Code Student Application Template

Please use the scheme shown here for your student application. If you have any questions, ask on the mailing list or in the IRC channel of the appropriate workgroup (see or project ideas page).


  • Name
  • University / current enrollment
  • Short bio / overview of your background
  • Subscribe to the mailing list of the appropriate group and introduce yourself
  • Tell us your IRC nick with which you will use the group's IRC channel

Your Coding Skills

In your application let us know

  • What platform do you use to code? Hardware specifications and operating system
  • Did you ever code in C or C++/Perl/python/…, yes/no? what is your experience?
  • If you apply for a project on our ideas list, have you experience in the areas listed under “Desired knowledge”?

Set yourself up

  • Set up your platform to build a Bazaar/GIT/Subversion snapshot of the current state of the project you are interested in.
  • If you need help, ask on the mailing list of the appropriate group, or in the IRC.
  • Report success on the mailing list or IRC.

You and Us

  • Were you involved in development in the project's group in the past? What was your contribution?
  • Were you involved in other OpenSource development projects in the past? which, when and in what role?
  • Why have you chosen your development idea and what do you expect from your implementation?

Your Project

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • If you have chosen an idea from our list, why did you choose this specific idea?
  • If you are proposing a project of your own, what is unique about it?
  • What makes you suited to carry the project?
  • How much time do you plan to invest in the project before, during and after the Summer of Code (We expect full time 40h/week during GSoC, but better make this explicit)?
  • Please provide a schedule of how this time will be spent on subtasks of the project. While this is only preliminary, you will be required to provide a detailed plan latest at the beginning of GSoC and during the project you will issue weekly progress reports against that plan.


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