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Google Season of Docs 2020: Other projects


Important: We protect the e-mail addresses of our mentors and mailing lists against spam bots. Please replace all occurrences of “ at ” and “ dot ” by “@” and “.” resp.

Code License: See project descriptions

Organization Administrators

The participation of the Linux Foundation in the Google Season of Docs is organized by Till Kamppeter (till at linux dot com) and Aveek Basu (basu dot aveek at gmail dot com).

Project Ideas

Improve the docs of docker-scripts

Description: Docker-Scripts is a Bash framework for installing and maintaining applications in Docker containers. The idea is to install applications in a Docker container, in order to isolate them from the rest of the system, but at the same time trying to automate as much as possible the installation, configuration and maintenance processes, using bash scripts. The idea is similar to Ubuntu snaps, but the implementation and details are completely different (a different approach for solving the same problem).

Goals: Docker-Scripts (and the applications that are built on top of it) already have some README files that describe the installation and usage, there is already a man page for docker-scripts, and a few wiki pages. Some of these may be a bit out of date, so the first goal is to update and improve the existing docs. Also, being written by the developer, they may have a few missing steps which may seem obvious to the developer, but actually need to be explained for an unfamiliar user. Besides these, anything else would be welcome, like writing tutorials, how-to user guides, manuals etc. Proposing new formats or ways of representing better the documentation is also Ok.

Skills: Besides the obvious documentation skills and experience, a good knowledge of Bash scripting and some familiarity with Docker are also required.

Resources: - - - -

Mentor: Dashamir Hoxha (dashohoxha at gmail dot com)

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