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Google Season of Docs 2020: Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) projects


Important: We protect the e-mail addresses of our mentors and mailing lists against spam bots. Please replace all occurrences of “ at ” and “ dot ” by “@” and “.” resp.

Mailing list: AGL Mailinglists

IRC: #automotive on Freenode

AGL git (source code) AGL github (docs)

Code License: See project descriptions

Project contact

AGL's participation in the Google Season of Docs is organized by Jan-Simon Möller (jsmoeller at linuxfoundation dot org).

Project Ideas

1) Restructure getting started pages and developer guides (easy)

The Getting Started pages on are the entry point for new users. The goal is to make these clear and bullet-proof for the reader. This involves checking the consistency and flow of the documentation and making sure things are in the right sequence.

Mentors: Jan-Simon Möller, Walt Miner License: Apache 2.0

2) Enhance API documentation and automate API documentation process (medium+)

This project has as its goal to partially automate the API documentation for the AGL services / APIs. The goal is to extract the available verbs from the sources and display them on the doc site

Mentors: Jan-Simon Möller, Walt Miner License: Apache 2.0

3) Rework the documentation hosting and generation (hard)

The doc pages are currently hosted within the individual sources as markdown using the engine of the cordova project. Rework to documentation into a single repository setup (preferably markdown) that can used e.g. by readthedocs or similar.

Mentors: Jan-Simon Möller, Walt Miner License: Apache 2.0

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