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Improving Kernel Workflows

Collect ideas for GSoC student projects on Improving Kernel Workflows here.

Bidirectionally sync Patchwork patch status with Gmail labels

Many Linux kernel developers and maintainers use both Patchwork for patch tracking as well as Gmail or G Suite as their email provider. Patchwork is a working solution for storing patch review state, but some developers may prefer to view and modify patch state from their chosen mailer.

The Clk tree ( does this today by syncing patchwork patch state to notmuch tags with a local cron job, and then using a popular tool ( to sync notmuch tags with Gmail Labels. This three-part solution allows the Clk team to stay synchronized on patch state without ever leaving the comfort of their chosen MUA. The downsides of this solution is that the cron job is ugly and is run locally on machines with questionable uptime.

A proposal for GSoC is to build a better mechanism to sync Patchwork patch status with Gmail Labels. This would grow the potential userbase beyond the current set of Patchwork+Gmail+Notmuch user into the larger set of Patchwork+Gmail users. Such a solution might be cloud-based, using tools such as Google Apps Script and the Patchwork REST API, as examples.

Dependencies: Gmail/G Suite-based email and Patchwork for patch state tracking Submitted by: Michael Turquette (I'm happy to provide pointers to the current scripts used by the Clk team, hosted on github)

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