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GSoC 2020: ASoC codec driver project


The overall project goal of the ALSA System on Chip (ASoC) layer is to provide better ALSA support for embedded system-on-chip processors and portable audio codecs. To achieve all this, ASoC basically splits an embedded audio system into multiple re-usable component drivers:

  1. codec drivers, the chip that actually does the ADC/DAC conversion.
  2. digital audio interface drivers (e.g: I2S)
  3. platform drivers (DMA)
  4. machine drivers, connects the other component drivers together.

The goal of this project is to write a driver for I2S Stereo Decoder - UDA1334A

Code license: GPL

The project is considered successful if the code is accepted into Linux kernel ASoC maintainer's tree.

Where to start?

Things to consider

  • Send at least one patch to Linux kernel. See First kernel patch.
  • Investigate ways to test your driver. Look for boards who can connect codecs on I2S interface.


If you are interested about this project please drop me an email at: Daniel Baluta

You can also find me on IRC: _daniel_ on #alsa-soc channel, on server Web IRC

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