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Green Linux

The Green Linux Initiative is a working group organized by the Linux Foundation to improve power management in Linux. The working group is facilitating collaboration among kernel developers, hardware manufacturers, system vendors, distributions, and end users to understand and address the requirements for more effective power management in Linux. Better power management is a requirement for nearly every Linux environment.

For mobile devices and laptop computers, Green Linux can mean significantly enhanced battery life as well as better performance, such as near instantaneous suspend/resume. For desktops and servers, improved power management can result in significant decreases in operating costs. Better power management in virtualized environments enables more virtual machines to share the same hardware. In many data center environments, power and the heat that it generates is the limiting factor for both processing power and cost. In living room set top boxes, the customer usually wants to limit heat production because of noise from fans or because the device has no fan at all. In all cases, less power consumption is better for the environment.

Example Project

  • The tickless kernel, which enables the processor to sleep between tasks
  • Power-aware applications and policies
  • Better power management to USB peripherals
  • Improved suspend and hibernate reliability
  • Fixing bugs in userspace applications that cause unnecessary processor usage

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