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Details on the Portland Face to Face meeting of the LSB Workgroup.

Time and Place

June 14,15,16 2005. Daily 9am-5pm US-Pacific time. BR Intel Jones Farm Campus BR JF Conference Center, 2111 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Meeting is in conference room JFCC-124. The room phone number is 503 712 3124. Gordon's cell number is 503 693 7896. All non-Intel personnel will need to be escorted. If you arrive and there is no one around, call the room or Gord from the security desk. On Tuesday, meet in the lobby of JFCC at 8:45 for security checkin so we can get to setup and start on time

The Jones Farm Conference Center is in the center of the northern side of the campus, between JF3 and JF4 (signs will guide you). Here's a link for a Mapquest map, if it doesn't work (seems to bug the wiki intermittently), just do your own search using the above address.

The regular LSB Workgroup conference call number will be open for callins during the meeting (see various lsb-wg postings for details), and we'll be on the irc channel.


Goals: Approve LSB3 RC4 as gold or produce a final RC if needed. Resolve remaining technical bugs against LSB3 software deliverables.

We need to complete the ReleaseChecklist to actually issue an LSB release.

June 13, 2005

Preview day for test training

June 14

Multi-column entries indicate breakout sessions

0900-0930 Chair's remarks, status summary, agenda review
0930-1000 Review test results in SI
1000-1100 Review test results on distros
1100-1200 Investigate Test Suite Bugs
1200-1300 Lunch Break
1300-1700 Develop install_initd sample Develop install_initd tests Audit archLSB documents wrt underlying ABI integration ELF/Dwarf

Dinner Tuesday, June 14, 7pm

June 15

0900-0930 Review overnight actions, test results
0930-1030 LSB4: lsb-desktop subgroup
1030-1100 LSB4: lsb-security subgroup
1100-1200 other planned work, lsb-core maint., iso submissions
1200-1300 Lunch Break
1300-1500 continue work on SI initd tools & tests ELF/DWARF bugs
1500-1700 Bug review

June 16

0800-1000 LSB Steering Committee: policy/producedural matters (non SC members need not attend)
1000-1030 Review overnight actions, test results
1030-1200 LSB Release Checklist
1200-1230 Future meetings
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1430 Arthur Tyde, FSG CTO - ISV feedback (future direction requests)
1430-1530 Jim Zemlin, FSG CEO - Free Standards Group update, LSB context
1530-1700 Closing: AI review, next steps, wrap open itmes

Planned Attendees

  • Stuart Anderson, FSG
  • Rajesh Banginwar, Intel
  • Marvin Heffler, IBM
  • Nilesh Jain, Intel
  • Gordon !McFadden, Intel
  • Mike Perry, FSG
  • Nick Stoughton, FSG
  • Matt Taggart, HP
  • Arthur Tyde, FSG
  • Mats Wichmann, Intel
  • Jim Zemlin, FSG
  • Keith Packard, HP & X.Org (Dinner Tuesday only)
  • Kerry Jiang, Intel
  • Yong Wang, Intel
  • Amanda !McPherson, FSG
  • Craig Thomas, OSDL


There are no scheduled commercial flights to Hillsboro/Portland airport (sadly, since it's across the street!). Delegates will probably want to fly into Portland International Airport (PDX). Note: Portland has become a "tough ticket" - demand exeeds capacity on most common routes. Book early or your travel budget will regret it!!! Other options are to look for flights to Seattle or Eugene (OR), there are fairly frequent shuttle flights from both to Portland.


The map shows nearby hotels. The Intel Jones Farm campus is just to the west of the airport.


Minutes for June 14 are [attachment:Minutes-20050614.txt here]

Hotel Reviews

Some people will be staying at the Marriott Courtyard (J on the map). Full breakfast is available, but costs. The Springhill (H) is nice but higher priced - a bit closer. Nearby that is the Townplace (G), lower than the Springhill, higher than the Courtyard; less services and only continental breakfast, but quite nice. The latter two offer free shuttles to Intel campuses. For the Courtyard, Gord or Mats can give rides. The Wellesley (I) is now ExtendedStayAmerica, several of you will recall that chain with fondness :-) from the December meeting in Austin.