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<h1 align="left">Workgroup Resources</h1>
<h1 align="left">Workgroup Resources</h1>
* [[LSB Roadmap]]
* [ LSB Roadmap]
* [[Application Compatibility]]
* [[Application Compatibility]]
* [[Download | Software Development Kit (SDK), and Application and Distribution Testkits]]
* [[Download | Software Development Kit (SDK), and Application and Distribution Testkits]]

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About the Linux Standard Base (LSB)

The Linux Standard Base delivers interoperability between applications and the Linux operating system. Currently all major distributions comply with the LSB and many major application vendors, like MySQL, RealNetworks and SAP, are certifying. The LSB offers a cost-effective way for application vendors to target multiple Linux distributions while building only one software package. For end-users, the LSB and its mark of interoperability preserves choice by allowing them to select the applications and distributions they want while avoiding vendor lock-in. LSB certification of distributions results in more applications being ported to Linux and ensures that distribution vendors are compatible with those applications. In short, the LSB ensures Linux does not fragment.

If you are an end user looking for Linux distributions that support open standards, please see our list of LSB certified products.

If you are a developer looking to build portable Linux applications that will work on these distributions, please see the Linux Developer Network.

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