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CGL Collateral Documents

Carrier Grade Linux Datasheet" (723K)(pdf) This is an overview of the former OSDL Carrier Grade Linux Working Group. This document can be used as the source for a new Linux Foundation datasheet that can be used by members for trade shows, presentations, or other marketing outreach opportunities to provide information regarding the work group structure as well as the requirement definition documents.

CGL Publications

Carrier Grade Linux Reg Race Begins by Erin Joyce (

Carrier Grade Linux: Adoption and Deployments by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) in Linux Planet (July, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux: Advancing Linux in the Communications Space by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) in LinuxWorld Magazine (July, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux: Overview of Linux in Telecom by Ibrahim Haddad (OSDL) in Linux Planet (June 23, 2005)

Open Source Mobile Phones by Bill Weinberg (OSDL) in LinuxWorld Magazine (July, 2005)

Reinventing Telecom with Linux and VoIP by Bill Weinberg (OSDL) in Embedded Systems Europe (June/July, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux 3.0 by Bill Weinberg (OSDL) in Embedded Computing Design (May, 2005)

Carrier Grade Linux: The Next Generation by John Cherry (OSDL), Takashi Ikebe (NTT Labs), Terence Chen (Intel), Steven Dake (MontaVista) ": in LinuxWorld Magazine (March, 2005)