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== Requirements and Registration ==
== Requirements and Registration ==
[[CGL Glossary | Glossary]]
[[CGL Glossary | Glossary]]
[[Requirements][Pre-4.0 CGL Requirements]
== Announcements ==
== Announcements ==

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About Carrier Grade Linux (CGL)

The CGL workgroup's goal is to help improve Linux to better meet the needs of the telecommunications industry.

The Linux Community (upstream)

Documentation Strategy

Requirements Gathering


Requirements and Registration



[[Requirements][Pre-4.0 CGL Requirements]


CGL 4.0 Registration

As of Friday, June 29, it is possible for Linux vendors to register their products for compliance with Version 4.0 of the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) Requirements Definition Documents. Linux vendors wishing to register should download the registration template (ots format) and fill out the template based on the CGL Registration Process (pdf). Vendors will post their registration results on the Registration Wiki.

Conference Calls

Carrier Grade Linux conference calls are announced on the lf_carrier mailing list. For conference call information join the mailing list for next scheduled call.

Working Documents

The documents in this section are actively in development and represent the current state of the CGL requirements with feedback from the Linux Foundation members and other interested groups. They are not intended to be used for registration but are the evolving next version of the CGL specification.

Carrier Grade Linux Specifications

Mailing Lists



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