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Agenda for 2007/10/20

  1. Introductions if needed
  2. Prior minutes
    • Corrections? Approval?
  3. LF: Open A11y news - Janina
  4. CSUN 2008
    • Discussion?
  5. IA2 IDL submisison to BZR - Gregory
    • Progress?
  6. IA2 version 2 text attributes specification
    • Based on earlier reviews as documented in the agenda and minutes over the last few months the following changes were made:
      • Removed line-height-at-least.
      • Removed bullet-char, num-format, num-prefix, and num-suffix and replaced with a new attribute named "prefix". The prefix is a string containing a number (with any leading or trailing punctuation such as leading and/or trailing parens and/or a trailing period), or a bullet character, or the word "graphic".
    • Lotus Symphony uses version 1 (unpublished) and will switch to version 2 when it makes sense, e.g. when at least one other app switches to version 2.
    • Firefox uses something close to the version 2 spec.
    • Back in June the following analysis was done comparing the IA2 text spec to the Firefox spec...
      • The IA2 text spec doesn't have:
        • language - IA2 has IA2::locale.
        • static - Firefox uses this boolean for the bullet or number prefix in a UL or OL list.
        • misspelled
        • direction - for right to left languages.
        • z-index - Lotus Symphony uses IA2:groupPosition.
      • The deltas between the Firefox and IA2 specs are:
        • color - Firefox uses u,u,u and the IA2 text spec uses the CSS2 color definition - we could restrict that to the subset of #rrggbb
        • margin-left/right - Firefox uses pixels and the IA2 text spec uses the CSS2 definitions for length and percentage. To simplify implementations we could restrict that to just in (inch) and other values could be converted.
          • Note: Including px is a concern because its support is optional in ODF docs and its CSS definition looks pretty complicated.
        • font-size - Firefox uses pixels and IA2 uses the CSS2 definition for length. We could restrict that to just pt (point).
        • font-weight - Firefox uses a computed weight and the IA2 text spec uses a range of numbers from 100 to 900 (modulo 100) but also includes the values normal = 400 and bold = 700.
        • text-underline-style and text-line-through-style - The Firefox spec includes none and solid and the IA2 text spec includes those plus dotted, dash, long-dash, dot-dash, dot-dot-dash, wave
      • These are not in the Firefox spec:
        • character attributes: text-line-through-mode, text-line-through-text, text-line-through-type, text-line-through-width, text-outline, text-position, text-shadow, text-underline-mode, text-underline-type, text-underline-width
        • list and its subattributes
        • paragraph attributes: line-height, line-spacing, margin-bottom, tab-stop, text-indent
    • Since it appears FF3 won't be in sync with the IA2 spec, should FF3 use a version attribute of version:2? Lotus Symphony uses version:1. If FF3 uses version:2 then the IA2 spec being developed would then be version:3.
  7. Two items to be transferred to the parent Open A11y committee
    • Objects contained in documents and tables - from Mick Curran
    • Access to document revisions - from the ODF AccSC
    • Sent request to Janina that these items be on the agenda for a future open a11y call. See items 4 and 5 in the October 2nd minutes for the history.
  8. Addition of IAText::defaultAttributes - raised by Aaron
    • This is being deferred until Aaron can talk to the ATVs, most likely after the FF3 work is done.
    • For the history refer to agenda item 7 from the October 2nd agenda.
  9. Inspect tool - Mike Squillace
  10. Firefox - Aaron Leventhal

No progress on the following

  1. Eclipse
  2. Python wrappers
    • Waiting for IBM legal approval to release as BSD.
  3. Documentation of memory management issues for [out] parameters - the following need to be understood and documented.
    • Here is a rough first draft:
      • BSTRs need to be SysFreeString'd at end of life; ditto for when they are in structs or arrays.
      • COM interfaces need to be AddRef'd when used and Release'd at end of life.
      • Single longs, HWNDs, booleans, and structs are allocated by the caller and passed by reference. The marshaller does all the memory management. (I don't believe there are any structs with BSTRs or interface pointers.)
      • Arrays of longs - the server allocates the top level array and anything it points to; nothing needs to be free'd by the client. The marshalling code handles freeing anything on the client side.
      • TBD: How are VARIANTs handled? Like interfaces? These methods return VARIANTs: IAHyperlink::anchor/anchorTarget, IAValue::current/maximum/minimumValue
      • TBD: Are arrays of IUnknowns, e.g. IARelation::targets, correctly specified as **IUnknown?
      • This Don Box article can be used for understanding:
  4. Wikipedia
    • Please contribute and/or review.
  5. Developer Guide
  6. Oleacc.idl
    • No new status on when it will be back in the SDK.
  7. BZR patch submission process
  8. Enter defects into Bugzilla

Other Topics

  1. What else needs to be discussed?
  2. What IA2 information do you need?
  3. What IA2 issues need resolution soon? Target date?
  4. What would you like to see done?
    • FAQ
    • Others?