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Mission Statement

Enable industry consumers and producers of Linux solutions to engage coherently with Linux distributors and the wider Linux community in order to:

  • Support community work
  • Promote standardization
  • Identify solution requirements
  • Contribute resources for the development of critical functionality.

Organizational Structure

VAC Leadership

Leadership of the Vendor Advisory Council is responsible for seeing that the mission of the council is carried out in a manner that supports the greater good of council members, is efficient in the use of resources and achieves clear results with demonstrable benefits.

The workgroup is led by one or more chairpersons, who are appointed by the LF Executive Director with the advice of the workgroup. The chairman will then work with the group to appoint the positions listed below if the group decides they are needed.

The workgroup operates on an IETF-like "rough consensus" model. "Rough consensus" is determined by the chair. Decisions by the chair which contributors believe do not reflect rough consensus may be appealed first to the chair, then to the LF Executive Director, and finally to the LF board.

Workgroup business is conducted in an open forum (typically a wiki, mailing lists, conference calls, and periodic face-to-face meetings). Membership in the VAC is open only to members of the Linux Foundation. Decisions must be clearly documented in that open forum along with any outstanding issues, which may be used as the basis for further discussion.

The chair, with the advice of the workgroup, will work with the LF staff to organize any face to face meetings and determine the agenda and direction for the group. The chair will work with the LF Liason to request and organize any LF resources to assist with the workgroup's activities.

Adoption of this charter and future updates to it require rough consensus of the working group.

The Vendor Advisory Council has the following leadership positions.

VAC Chair - responsible for Vendor Advisory Council activities including:

  • Identifying projects of common interest amongst the membeship
  • Esablishing workgroups with clear missions and the resources needed to achieve clearly stated results
  • Monitoring workgroup activities to ensure progress and the productive use of resources
  • Promote the use of Linux-based solutions

VAC Vice-Chair - responsible for supporting the VAC Chair and assuming the duties of the VAC chair when the chair person is unable to perform them.

Server Focus Group Chair - Responsible for creating projects and activities that advance the use of Linux platforms in corporate enterprises and government institutions.

Desktop Focus Group Chair - Responsible for creating projects and activities that promote the use of Linux desktops by aiding the development and availability of business and personal applications.

Embedded Focus Group Chair - Responsible for creating projects that promote embedded solutions based on the Linux operating system.

VAC Membership Requirements

Membership in the Vendor Advisory Council is limited to representatives of companies who are Platinum, Gold or Silver members of The Linux Foundation.