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The LSB Project makes extensive use of Internet Relay Chat - IRC - for live discussions, and direct access to most of the developers. Certain meetings will have a concurrent IRC chat for posting links and notes, and so people not on calls can participate.

The primary channels used are:

How not to miss IRC conversations

Consider the use of a IRC proxy "bouncer". Two that LSB workgroup members have used are dircproxy and ZNC.

IRC Bots

The Workgroup currently uses 2 "bots".

lsb_bb - IRC control for buildbot (see buildbot website). Used by the workgroup to trigger builds as we're fixing bugs, updating packages. Reports status on scheduled builds in the channel.

To get help:

lsbbot - All other bot services. It is a stock supybot/meetbot build.

Logs and meeting minutes are currently uploaded to:

There are 2 non-stock aliases defined to access the 2 bugzilla's used by the LF:

To get help:

  • /msg lsbbot help
  • list - lists active modules
  • list <module> lists module commands

Also see and for additional documentation.