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Assorted comments and experiences with LSB 4.1 testing. Note that comments about possible waivers are to be considered informal; the way to get a waiver granted is to file a problem report through the certification system. For instructions on installing and running the tests, please see these instructions from ISPRAS.

Note on maintaining this page: start by pasting test results from a given system which has an unknown failure. As analysis proceeds, migrate those raw results into an explanation; don't remove the problems. The idea is to have an in informal log of problems people might run into.

If you need more of a scratch page for collecting specific items from this page for items that need resolving, please use TestPilot41/Unresolved. However, please keep a record here in TestPilot41 of final actions taken.

Pre-test System Setup

Various bits of information on system resources, additional packages, and locale setup have been migrated to a more version generic page

Beta Process Links

Ongoing autotest results

You can review daily autotest results either here or linked from here.

ALSA Tests

ALSA tests are new to 4.1. We are starting with shallow tests generated by some new technology developed by ISP/RAS and expanding the most used interfaces into "normal" level tests based on spec requirements markup, using the T2C test framework. Because the tests are new and there's a fair amount of data to go through, I've moved the results to their own page: AlsaPilot41.