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Why Join the Linux Foundation

Linux is a product of mass collaboration unmatched in the history of computing. Since no one entity “owns” Linux, it calls upon an organization to provide those services needed to advance the platform. Members of the Linux Foundation support the neutral development, promotion and advancement of the platform with their membership fees and can proudly say they support these activities:

  • Employing key Linux fellows to ensure they can focus 100% of their attention on maintaining and improving the Linux platform
  • Administering and defending the Linux trademark to protect our investment in the brand “Linux”
  • Facilitating crucial administrative, technical and legal functions for the Kernel developer community to enable them to have access to collaboration technologies and legal services needed to advance the platform
  • Serving as the neutral voice for Linux with the press and analysts to ensure that Linux is defending against competitors threats and remains a successful and thriving operating system
  • Increasing the number of applications on the Linux platform through its developer services
  • Serving as a proxy between the community and industry to ensure everyone’s needs are best understood and that collaboration solutions are optimized

Benefits of Joining the Linux Foundation

Besides ensuring your company’s investment in Linux is protected from a legal, technical and promotional perspective, there are concrete benefits for joining the Linux Foundation:

  • Access to member-only events and summits where the brightest minds in the Linux ecosystem meet to

collaborate on technical and legal issues

  • Ability to network and influence key Linux ecosystem members from the vendor, end user, legal and

developer communities across multiple industries and segments (server, desktop and mobile/embedded)

  • Access to member-only briefings and publications that will keep you and your staff up-to-date on Linux and other open source developments spanning the legal, technical and marketing realms
  • Ability to create workgroups and collaborate in a neutral setting to solve pressing Linux or open source issues
  • Promotional opportunities for your company’s products and Linux services on the Linux Foundation web site and through media and analyst opportunities generated by the Linux Foundation

Membership Levels and Benefits

Detailed benefits by membership level are available upon request. Membership rights and commitments are described in detail in the Bylaws. The Linux Foundation board determines how resources are allocated. The first 10 platinum members receive a board seat (2 are currently available), the gold members elect 3 board seats, and the silver members elect 1 board seat. There are three membership classes:

Linux Foundation Membership Classes
Level Fee
Platinum $500,000
Gold $100,000
Silver $5,000 to $20,000*

* depending on number of corporate employees.

There is one affiliate class for individuals:

Linux Foundation Affiliate Classes
Level Fee
Individual $25

Join Now

Corporations, Governments, Non-Profits, Universities

To join or get more information, please fill out the form at the following link and we will contact you within two business days.


Please sign up for the individual affiliate membership at the following secure link. We will send you a t-shirt and you can proudly state of your CV or Resume that you are a member of the Linux Foundation.