Minutes October 20 2010

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Jeff Licqiua (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Russ Herrold (Owl River), Robert Schweikert (Novell)


  • LSB 4.1 status


Jeff: 4.1 freeze is now imminent, delayed due to ISP/RAS departure and certifications
Jeff: We'll need to build everything, and put the packages out for testing
Jeff: Trial use - need to make a decision - ALSA, NSS, Java, xdg-utils
Jeff: For beta1, I think we can keep them as they are
Russ: Is there any question that Java can't go in for a couple of years?
Robert: Based on the latest news, doesn't look like it can go in. Might as well drop it now.
Jeff: Mats, how involved is it to remove something? I don't know that we've done it before.
Mats: A little bit of work involved
Jeff: Do we want to move things from trial-use to "in" at the same time?
Robert: ALSA is going in. We should act now on the 2
Jeff: What about xdg-utils? It didn't go into 4.0 because I think it was SLES10 that was missing it. Any comments?
Robert: I don't know what the testing situation is.
Stew: We have tests, that don't get executed, and currently don't work too well
Robert: So lets put-off xdg-utils for now.
Jeff: OK, then remove JAVA, add ALSA, and wait on the rest. Any objections?
Jeff: Mats, can you do the database bits?
Mats: Ok
Jeff: And I'll start building things, starting with the distribution tests probably

Various discussion not really related to agenda

End Of Call