Minutes Feb 24 2010

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Jeff Liquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Vladimir Rubanov (ISP/RAS), Alexey Khoroshilov (ISP/RAS), Russ Herrold (Centos), Alan Clark (Novell), Amy Anderson (IBM), Jesper Thomshütz (Nokia), George Kraft (IBM)

Jeff: Issues with revamping the sdk packaging to exclude devel versions from 4.0.x refresh. Mats: Issues with the lib-ver -> lib symlink in the sdk.

Jeff: Face-to-Face plan (LF Summit in SF in April).

Possible demonstration of test writing methodolgy to encourage upstream adoption for the public session. What would make it appealing to upstream is having tests that verify against their specification.

Alan: What's the current upstream methodology?
Jeff: Unit tests. Issues in using these for certification/specification style testing.
Alan: So we don't replace unit tests, we propose augmenting these with interface tests.
Jeff: Unit tests tend to change with the source code.
Alan: Do people already have presentation materials?
Alexey: yes
Jeff: Can they be made publicly available?
Alexey: yes
Jeff: Possibly review before the Summit for possible improvements. Some of the decision making process that we've run into in doing T2C markup for ALSA tests.
Alan: Been asking around whether current docs are adequate. No clear answer.
Jeff: Mechanics are fairly well documented. Technique hints need to be refined perhaps.
Alan: Yes, type of feedback I've been getting. Need to go through the process a few times to build experience. t2c-alsa as a case study?
Jeff: yes, t2c-asla could be a good case study
Alan: Go through a couple (alsa + something else?) and create docs from that. Jeff: 3 t2c test suites we know of: t2c-alsa (LF), t2c-core (IBM contributed), t2c-{desktop,xml,libstdcpp} (ISP/RAS). Get t2c-core guys at the Summit to do a presentation?
Amy: You need contact info for these IBM developers?
Stew: I have contact info for them, not sure they are involved anymore.
Amy: Will contact them and see if I can get experience info, email me their names.
Stew: will do
Jeff: So, presentation at summit and a discussion beforehand on how effective our current materials are now. Do we want to do anything more than that? Get some of the new info before the week of the Summit?
Alan: Audience on Thurs will be a friendly audience. Work out the kinks there to polish for future presentations.
Jeff: Have a feedback period at the summit then and get feedback
Alan: Yes
Jeff: So we have a few presentation materials to work from.
Alan: No hands-on experience with t2c, working from theory
Jeff: bzr repo is public if people want to try the technology, would be good the get more feedback.
Alan: GKH has a good demonstration of step-by-step for kernel driver development, do something similar to that?
Alexey: We could have something like that put together for the summit.

Jeff: We don't have a lot of "new" technology to show off, although there have been improvements in all the tools. What else do we want to talk about? State of 4.1? Latest test technology?
Alan: Light overview of appchk, tools would be good idea.
Jeff: Talk about sdk at all? Not real glamorous as a presentation material. Demonstrate a sdk "port".
Jesper: Did a similar presentation at Akademy last year, feedback was positive. I recommend doing something similar.
Alan: Could you generate 30mins of conversation at the summit around the feedback?
Jesper: Hard to say. Most of the questions were concerning rpm.
Jeff: Will you be at the summit?
Jesper: Possibly, may be other Qt people there
Jeff: Would be a good presentation
Jeff: Another good topic would be "Why interface tests are important (vs unit tests)"
Russ: Have a bootcamp on testing. Educate people on test methodology. Unit tests just scratch the surface.
Jeff: Unit tests are better than no tests, at least. Ride that wave and present interface testing as something to augment unit tests.
Russ: linuxbase needs some maturation. Presentations at the summit on testing in general, and the importance thereof. Agile folks, Stuart Anderson, Andrew Josey?
Jeff: Maybe too late to put that together, but perhaps at the fall conference.

Jeff: Printing Group has requested an LSB joint session on Friday
Mats: Need to get some sort of results out of this session for it to be productive for either side
Jeff: Perhaps keep it casual, just have a couple attendees without a "formal" session

Jeff: Any last minute announcements or concerns? - nothing
Jeff: Closing remarks.

End of call