Minutes Aug 10 2011

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Attendees: Kay Tate (SuSE), Stew Benedict (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Jeff Licquia (LF), Alan Clark (SuSE), Russ Herrold (CentOS)


  • Last-minute preparations for LinuxCon.
  • Branching for 5.0.

Carry over Action items from 7/13/2011:


No call next week (17 Aug) b/c of Linux Conf conflict

LC Lunch: Thursday at 12:20, meet in lobby.

Discussion of forking practice

Discussion of the roadmap for adding the ARM arch to the project ... Mats has been through all of these, and one possible area of concern to watch is the partitioned knowledge between the chip knowledge folks, and the LSB knowledge folks

Action items: FHS spec and bugs that are blockers need to be worked thru -- JL to get a talking draft FHS 3.0 spec for feedback