LSB SI 4.0

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LSB SI 4.0

Plans from the November 2007 LSB F2F

The following is taken verbatim, with notes, from the LSB_F2F_November_2007 meeting. It can be thought of as both a plan for the LSB SI in the 4.0 time-frame as well as a wish-list of what we would like to see from the LSB SI in 4.0.

  • The LSB SI should be targeted more towards ISVs.
    • ISVs tend to require more hand-holding with chroots and UML images. A more ideal LSB SI would include several deployment technologies in addition to chroots and virtual images.

1) Deployment technologies

  • Live CD
  • Virtualized (VMWare, VirtualBox, UML, etc.)
  • chroot
  • installable distro
  • installable chroot with GUI

2) Convertible to a build environment

3) Test environment included or available as add-on (ATK)

4) LSB shell environment

  • It would be really nice to have a downloadable package which contained the chroot and a GUI means to access it. It would also be really nice if it could do everything the normal installable LSB SI environment could do.

5) Target deliverables to distros

  • Include RPM database correctly populated (3.2 and previous it was not)

6) Support all LSB architectures

7) Components

  • Include strict LSB packages
  • Select packages that may be needed
    • X server
    • Trial use
    • ssh/sshd
    • nfs/automount
    • ATK
      • Which will require Perl/Python, likely more than in LSB 3.2