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Weekly Executive Summary

This section is only updated for active projects "above the line" and is a one paragraph summary of how things are going. During the design phase this should should be replaced with an "Open Issues" section which lists what still needs to be decided in order for this project to be committed to go forward.


Why is this project important to the Linux Foundation? What business objectives does it help achieve or is it in support of? For the LSB, if this is needed to allow some important ISV application to certify, mention it here. What would be the consequences if this project is NOT done?


A rough proposed schedule for this project. When we anticipate that we will reach certain milestones. Also, if the project has an absolutely-must-be-completed-by date, mention it here.

Milestone Plan Date Outlook Comments
Take over the world 6/1/2008 ``The same thing we do every night, Pinky....


What resources have been dedicated to this project?


If this project has shared or dedicated access to some number of machine/machines, list it here.


List of people who are working on the project and their roles.

Name Role
The Brain Project Owner


Tasks will map many-to-one to milestones. Tasks are specific actionable work items that need to be completed in order to reach a milestone


Task Owner Status Outlook


Task Owner Status Outlook


Tasks that can't be scheduled yet because they are waiting on some other task or external entity

Task Owner Status Outlook


This space is for various free-form comments and notes. Comments should be tagged with a date and who entered said comment. Use of the Wiki comment format (four tilde characters will enter a tag with the time, date, and logged in user). is encouraged.

Archived Weekly Status Reports