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In-progress notes from the Austin LSB Meeting

Attendance: Nick Stoughton (FSG ISO liaison), Matt Taggart (HP), Stuart Anderson (FSG), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Kevin Caunt (IBM), Marvin Heffler (IBM), Chris Johnson (Sun), Gordon !McFadden (Intel), Rajesh Banginwar (Intel)

Phone: Andrew Josey, Stew Benedict

  • an update to the LSB 2.0 release (2.1 or or 2.0+TC1)
  • the LSB 3.0 release
  • Go through bugs

Jim Zemlin presentation: 3pm Tuesday (US-CST)

Taggart: alien problem converting vsw4 rpm; Debian maintainer thinks this is a problem in the rpm itself (but has fixed the alien bug exposed)

Discussion of LSB 2.0: ISO Update: must track every change we've made since the ISO DIS 23360 submission. (Nov 10 - May 10 is the ballot period). In the US: ANSI (outsources to INCITS, Study Group on Linux (SGL), chaired by Dave Thewlis. Comments to SGL by mid-Feb, SGL will roll up US position by mid-March and propose to INCITS March-April). Comments not likely to come in until May. Votes can be: yes, yes-with-comments, or no-with-comments. May-June we evaluate list of comments - need to have editor's meeting. FSG can "vote" yes-with-comments to file. Editor will produce diffmarked version in April - make sure it's either in the US position or in the FSG Cat. A Liaison vote. Needs 50% JTC1 votes, 50% of those in favor.

Today certification version is too closely linked to spec version; can adjust this so that certification is against a series, but need to control the scope of changes very carefully.

The discussion evolved to creating a diagram of the relationship between different parts. The dia source is here. The concern is to minimize the number of "certification" boxes.

Discussion on naming of this release worked off this email from A.Josey

The workgroup wants to call this LSB 2.1.

Proposed Policy 0xx: LSB Specification Versioning Policy.

  • Changes to an interface that result in binary incompatbilities, major additions or deletions such as a previously unsupported library require a change to the major number (1.x.x) of the specification.
  • Additions of an interface, removal of a previously deprecated interface and correction to interface descriptions may be reflected with a change to the minor number (x.1.x). Additions of interfaces is permitted in the case where the inferface being added already exits and is in use in multiple distributions.
  • Changes to the specification that are editiorial in nature only require a change in the editorial digit (x.x.1):

It should be noted this policy results in binary compatibility across major versions of the specification.

Due to ISO implications it is recommeneded that changes to the core or ISO-standardized modules need to be done with extreme care.

(file bug to include this in the specification once approved)

Tuesday afternoon: bugs

  • 655 fixed
  • 102 updated

Discussion: if there's an admin module in the future, should it get "set" type commands that require privilege, or should they remain together with their "get" analogues (when there are paired sets)

  • 340 fixed
  • 352(?) updated, moved to 3.0
  • 356 fixed
  • 386 - do we have a tool for this?
  • 402 - moved to futures, off 2.1 list

Jim Zemlin presented.

how are we going to improve testing?

Morning Wednesday: setup stuff

Intel presentation

  • 423 - moved to 3.0 and reassigned to lsb-packaging
  • 469 - fixing, set to block 643 ... fixed
  • 520 - updated, some more data will be needed before completing
  • 561 - fixed
  • 565 - changes are applied, Red Hat volunteers to review
  • 573 - fixed
  • lsb_runtime_test failures due to policy when running SElinux: logging to an invalid location. Bug will be filed on this; it could be fixed by resolving bug 39
  • 39 - brought back from "Later" to block the 3.0 test suite release to get some attention
  • added: 658, 659
  • 639 - fixed
  • 592 - moved to 3.0
  • 653 - leave in, some more words coming in

Gordon's new user notes:

buildX machines

  • send a request to lsb-wg to get a buildX account
  • build X machines are located in [1]
  • Log in via ssh to one of the machines


  • goto [2]
  • goto wiki
  • create user
  • send mail to lsb-wg to get added to Editing Team


  • [3]
  • add user
  • you will get an e-mail that has a hyperlink for verification
  • get set up as developer by sending e-mail to lsb-wg

linux base

  • go to [4]
  • create a new user


  • create own account
  • send e-mail to lsb-wg


  • Goto [5]
  • click on Open new Bugzilla account

Spec layout
elf	packaging	graphics	LSB	Books	Bookset

				Sxx	PPCxx	generic	IAXX
				Intro	baselib	utillib	commands execenv

For building book

  • do a make spotless
  • traverse to leaf
  • written in docbook, refer to [6]
  • do a make gensrc

review ReleaseChecklist for information on LSB software releases.

Accessing the Database:

mysqladmin create lsb

mysql -u root -p
mysql>use lsb;
... tests to make sure mysqld is running

cd lsb/specdb
make restore