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Running Agenda



  • check if we know each other, brief #introduction if needed
  • review agenda

OpenTeam Norms

  • use git to share files. Susanne to set up git repo and share access.
  • live on the list and in the wiki (btw: subscribe to the wiki recent changes rss feed)
  • any mediawiki page history can be fed as rss feed by adding &type=rss to the history url
  • wg calendar: how to share apptmt from google calendar? official LF

calendar? Susanne got first feedback from LF, will be ok.

  • #driverbackports on freenode
 Password reminder:  the lower case place we are going to

Driver Life Cycle

  • Ram Pai volunteers to contribute first draft
  • will be in the wiki
2008-02-21 Ram waits for susanne's slides

OLS whitepaper

  • Ram has submitted an abstract
  • final submission date end of april
  • milestone I: expand outline to Japan slides
  • review 'hackfest' in austin on friday
  • Dan Kohn suggested to plan a sequel at the plumbers conference?


2008-02-05 Susanne wants to start a glossary

backport source / patches Susanne is examining symversion correlation between distro releases, kernel flavors and the mainline kernel releases.

She's got some Symbol.modversion files from Martin, Jon promised to proivde the same, needs to figure how to get them for the corresponding vanilla upstream kernels.

At the summit we agreed that this part will rest until we have contributors from IHVs who actually want the benefits of shared API patches and such.

All the OSVs, CSIs and ISVs need is a standard _output_ of these efforts so they don't have to deal with per-IHV driver backport formats.

2008-06-12  Susanne to finish with Matt how driver backports shall be provided.

driver package / driver kit build Jon said that he is attempting to bring kmod compatible to kmp in the rhel5.3 timeframe. Martin Wilck suggested a approach based on m4 macros. A idea based on having a different spec file and tools that converted it to the spec file format of the distros was discussed.

2008-05-15 Ann Davis joined the group. She volunteered to work towards a common specfile:

2008-06-12 Discussed spec file unification with Andreas Gruenbacher, Jon,

  Ann, Ram and Susanne:
  • target is RHEL 5.3, sle11, possibly backport to sle10sp2 or sp3
  • walked over outstanding differences and missing features (see KMP_packaging_and_build)
  • Andreas and Jon agreed to discuss details on-list, starting next week
  • Ann will update documentation as work progresses

driver package / driver kit selection, installation regarding online driver database that Jon is developing, he expected the tool to be frowned upon by the community distro by Fedora since they did not have the concept of standardized ABI. But wants it to be pushed into Fedora so that it can easily make its way into RHEL6. Susanne was not clear if the tool will be incorporated into OpenSuse and later into SLES11.

Martin said he will have a working prototype of his driver management gui tool soon. Ram has volunteered Jon to help him progress faster. Jon will send Ram a mail with details on how/where to start.

Martin announced the first public version of Jockey, the driver management GUI tool for announcing and installing drivers. It landed in the current Ubuntu development release and replaces the old Ubuntu specific restricted-manager. Jon intends to have a port for Fedora/RedHat soon. Adoption by OpenSUSE is not determined yet.

2008-02-05 Jon intends to resurrect until monday for martin

 - kde frontend for Jockey available

 - driver database stand-alone (like rhel 'satelite' or Novell
   stand-allone customer-center) comes 'later'.

   Discussed wether this is a differentiator each company solves
   differently or wether it should have a connection to satelite/ncc
   while being a simple to use, simple to deploy standardized

   Agreed that first we do the base technology so we fully understand
   the implications, then we address this.

2008-06-12 - Martin is looking at PackageKit as X-plat package installation backend - Ram offered intern to _use_ and _try_ the driver DB API until he can actually contribute code,

 Jon to provide Ram the needed infos and needed access to the system.

workgroup announcement / publicity — have something specific first The group felt it was better to have something concrete before we further publicise the workgroup.

Jon revives the driver database and intends to have a working prototype of a RedHat port of Jockey soon.

Susanne is working on a self-serviceable build server for driver packages. Involve component vendors We are discussing how driver authors of component vendors should work with system vendors and distributors. We don't have many active component vendors in this workgroup yet. So we need to get them aboard. We brainstormed who could contact whom:

  • intel and qlogic: Jon Masters
2008-02-05 Jon intends to ping Arjan van de Ven at intel before the next call
2008-02-21   -"-  qlogic:  Andrew Vasquez
  • LSI: Matt Domsch
intel:   Kirsher, Jeffrey T [jeffrey.t.kirsher at] has
   joined the list already
  • broadcom and ??? other: Greg Cymbalski, Ram Pai
  • via: susanne
2008-02-08 Susanne invited via to the workgroup: 'interesting mid-term'

LF Japan Symposium (march 2008) Susanne will present the workgroup at the symposium. She intends to share the slides beforehand for comments.

Good out of tree driver example: GPL webcam drivers (from the french guy. URL??)

2008-02-05 susanne wants to provide expanded outline in time for next call (done 2008-02-14)
2008-02-21 susanne wants to provide expanded outline in time for next call

LF Austin Collaboration Summit (april 8-10 2008) Anticipated attendance:

  • Susanne Oberhauser: 100% sure
  • Matt Domsch: 100% sure
  • Ram Pai: 90% sure
  • Jon Masters: 80% sure
  • Martin Pitt: 100% sure, flight in sat before, out friday afternoon

People to meet with / involve:

  • Tim Gardner canonical kernel team
  • Till Kamppeter debian LF printer driver workgroup
  • Mario Limonciello ubuntu Dell ati drivers
  • Dave Jones fedora kernel guy

Hotel: Dan Kohn suggested double tree

Schedule link:

2008-02-21 Susanne to share schedule here and on list as soon as available


  • fermentation and purification (aka finish charter, discuss competing^wcomparable technologies, anything that benefits from face to face time) driver lifecycle
  • BoF with other workgroups / initiatives: Greg KH's, Till Kamppeter's printer drivers
  • briefly present lightning talk + 30' discussion — who we are / what we do / charter

Ram's Notes on the Workgroup decisions and schedules

Ottawa Linux Symposium (july 2008)

Portland Kernel Summit and Plumbers Conference (september 2008)

PostponedValue of this Workgroup For Community Distributions Fedora currently seems to favour updating to the current upstream kernel to add newly supported hardware, even if that may break some existing systems.

openSUSE seems to prefer security bugfix backports only, however potentially breaking the kABI in openSUSE releases. That keeps installed users in a tested environment yet requires some driver process for new hardware. DoneWorkgroup Focus Area Determination The workgroup has three major focus areas:

Introduction This is the currently active members of this workgroup:

  • Susanne Oberhauser, Novell, SUSE Partner Linux Driver Process
  • Jon Masters, Red Hat, upstream maintainer of module-init-tools, kmod packages, RH 3rd party driver efforts
  • Ram Pai, IBM, LTC driver currentcy work, driver backports
  • Matt Domsch, Dell, originator of dkms
  • Martin Wilck, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, builds drivers for servers
  • Greg Cymbalski, IBM, driver packaging team
  • Martin Pitt, Canonical, Jockey driver management UI
  • Ann Davis, Novell, SUSE Partner Linux Driver Process, driver packging
  • Adam Di Carlo, IBM, LTC driver currentcy, driver backports
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