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CIP Technical Steering Committee F2F Meeting

Date: 22 October, 2017

Roll Call

TSC members

  • Agustin Benito Bethencourt (Codethink)
  • Robert Marshall (Codethink)
  • Annie Fisher (The Linux Foundation)
  • Noriaki Fukuyasu (The Linux Foundation)
  • Hiroshi Mine (Hitachi)
  • Hidehiko Kawai (Hitachi)
  • Masato Minda (Plat’Home)
  • Takehisa Katayama (Renesas)
  • Chris Paterson (Renesas)
  • Yu Kanechika (Renesas)
  • Binh Thanh Nguyen (Renesas)
  • Wolfgang Mauerer(Siemens)
  • Jan Kiszka (Siemens)
  • Kazuhiro Hayashi (Toshiba)
  • Yoshi Kobayashi (Toshiba)


  • Lukas Bulwahn (BMW car IT)
  • Jan-Simon Moeller (The Linux Foundation / AGL)
  • Kevin Hilman (BayLibre / AGL)


CIP Core discussion (9:06-10:13)

  • GB approves Debian as CIP primary reference distribution
  • Next step for CIP core
    • Any plan from member company?
    • Daniel, Toshiba, is currently working on the repository.
    • Plan to work closely with Debian. CIP to plan support Debian packages.
    • Already in discussion with Debian community (Guido Guenther from Debian, our primary contact)
    • This is going to be a part of CIP’s maintenance strategy beyond Linux Kernel.
    • CIP will do the work or Debian does? Current assumption is Debian community would work on this. Debian community would be interested in expanding their user base thru this effort.
      • How many years? When the transition should happen?
      • The Debian packages can be used by Yocto users once meta-cip layer is developed.
      • Maintain Debian and Yocto would be a big challenge. Agustin face a big difficulty while he was working on B@D.
      • Commitment from CIP:
        • Build packages in Debian way
        • This may not work for Yocto. Yocto has to be the best effort. Would like to approach the companies who provides the Yocto long term support.
        • The next step might be to discuss with Yocto Project
    • Action Items:
      • Re-Definition of CIP Priority in terms of CIP packages.
      • Contact to Debian Community. Yoshi and Jan would be the primary contact from CIP. Yoshi to meet Chris Lamb in Tokyo in November.
      • Check Sean Hudson about the status of meta-cip (Jan can check)
      • Communicate with Yocto Project team (Nori will reach out to Jeff to set up a meeting during ELCE).
  • LTS discussion for components

Functional safety (10:13-11:35)

  • Lucas presented his presentation for ELCE
  • OSADL Meeting in the future
    • Meeting in November 8th in Munich (Project Management, Open for everyone)
    • Meeting in December 5th-7th in Munich (Workshop on the methods, CIP is invited?)
  • Action items
    • Hitachi will join the Project Management Meeting.

Yocto discussion(11:35-

  • (Katayama) Yocto: Which Yocto version we should support. Shall we fix the version or update time to time?
    • [YOSHI] CIP uses bitbake in CIP Core, but not Yocto itself, especially for OE. Because we currently focus to use Debian source code and binary to get longer term support.
    • We can discuss about this may be during the next F2F meeting in October.
  • Currently, Renesas support Yocto 2.0 (Jethro) but soon move to 2.2 (Morty). Would CIP be following the latest Yocto version or not?
    • This has to depend up how we create meta-cip.
    • Who will maintain this?
  • Have a meeting with Yocto team at 12:30 on OCT 24th at CIP booth.

LTS kernel discussion (-12:45)

  • 4.4LTS will be supported for 6yrs. It helps us a lot.
    • Do we focus to support more than 10 years?
      • Difference between LTS and SLTS: SLTS include more backports compare with LTS. Actions from now:
        • Working with LTS.
        • Help testing LTS 4.4 kernel and contribute
        • CIP should wait to make critical decision (such as extending the maintenance period) till we see how the other distributions to react to this.
  • Do we try to support more kernels to align Debian kernel 4.9 for example. After that, we can easier to align development schedule.
  • Next version?

CIP Testing(14:00-15:15)

  • Lab in a box talk from BayLibre/AGL
    • Tuesday Oct 24th at 10:55 Room - Congress Room III

Break (15:15-15:30)

Next topic to be discussed (15:30-16:05)

CIP had identified the following item as project priorities:

  • Real-Time
  • Testing
  • Functional Safety
  • Tool Chain
  • Support and Maintenance

Out of the above 5 areas, Functional Safety is the topic CIP does not have any strategy yet.

Members agreed that we are now starting to discuss to build up the CIP Functional Safety Strategy.

Yoshi will mention about Functional Safety during his talk at ELCE.

Renesas is also interested in security.

B@D training/demo (16:15-17:30)

Kernel maintenance meeting / QA (17:30-18:30)

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