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CIP Technical Steering Committee Meeting

Date: 21 August, 2017

Roll Call

  • Agustin Benito Bethencourt (Codethink)
  • Laura (Linux Foundation)
  • Hidehito Kawai (Hitachi)
  • Nori Fukuyasu (Linux Foundation)
  • Annie Fisher (Linux Foundation)
  • Hiroshi Mine (Hitachi)
  • Masato Minda (Plat’Home)
  • Takehisa Katayama (Renesas)
  • Chris Paterson (Renesas)
  • Wolfgang Mauerer (Siemens)
  • Yoshi Kobayashi (Toshiba)
  • Daniel Sangorrin (Toshiba)


  • Roll Call
  • Action items
  • Topic prioritization
  • Updates and Discussions

Updates and Discussions

DebConf report

  • CIP had a booth at DebConf
  • CIP members (Jan, Kazu and Yoshi) had discussion with Debian developers especially with Debian LTS.
    • We discussed about extended Debian LTS.
      • Current Debian LTS supports 5 years. CIP member requires 10 years and more.

Project X update

  • Milestones
    • Deby board support [ONGOING]
    • ISAR board support [TODO]
    • Integrate with B@D CI [ONGOING]
  • Deby support status
    • Renesas iwg20m: builds and boots correctly [OK]
      • U-boot support [OK]
      • KAS support [ONGOING]
    • QEMU x86-64: builds and boots correctly [OK]
      • KAS support [OK]
    • BBB: builds and boots but no login prompt [ONGOING]
      • KAS support [TODO]
    • Cyclone V: waiting for kernel/u-boot repository [TODO]
      • U-boot support [TODO]
      • KAS support [TODO]
  • B@D CI integration status
  • Booth demo @ ELCE?
    • B@D on Renesas board
      • Using Deby [TODO]
      • Using Debian? (Renesas Vietnam) [ONGOING]
      • Using ISAR?
  • [AI: Daniel S.] Promote Project X more.
    • Wiki
      • What is Project X?

Real-time Linux Project

Board for CI-RT

  • Renesas has shipped out the board to the board member companies already.
  • [AI: Yoshi] Ask to Anna-Maria for the status of board shipping.

Kernel Maintenance

  • Report from week 30 to 33 sent to cip-dev ML. Please review it
  • Agustín B. sent a request for clarification about the two ToDos pointed in this section the previous CIP TSC call.
  • Coming tasks
    • Release new version of the CIP kernel
    • Review Renesas patches.

CIP Testing

Board @ Desk

  • Report from week 30 to 33 sent to cip-dev ML. Please review it
    • The report includes a link to the CIP testing project plan.
  • After LAVA is updated the team will focus on reporting
    • In order to use an unified output, CIP testing project should align with other similar efforts

ELCE preparation

  • 2 CIP talks accepted
    • Agustin and Ben
      • Maintaining a Linux kernel for 13 years ? You must be kidding me. We need at least 30!
    • Urs and Yoshi
      • Civil Infrastructure Platform: Industrial Grade Open Source Base-layer Development
  • Workshop schedule
  • B@D 101 request for approval since some material needs to be purchased:
    • Power Strips: up to 10. Around 100 €
    • Cables: serial (USB to TTL) and network: 10 Around 200 €
    • USB sticks: 10 Around 150 €
    • Approx. Budget: 450 €
    • (AI) Annie verify the cost of renting these materials from the venue
  • Activities
    • Workshop activities (proposals): ToDo: Agustin to set up a wiki page. Done
      • B@D 101
      • Kernel maintenance overview by Ben Hutchings. To be determined what!
      • Meeting kernel maintenance (Daniel + Ben H. + testers). To be confirmed.
      • Others?
    • ELCE booth
      • B@D shows at specific times, not permanent demo.
      • B@D showcase could be done during Technical Showcase.
      • (AI YOSHI) Ask to PC about TS.
    • Y2038 Q&A
      • Invite Arnd Bergmann. Agustin sent him a mail. Waiting for an answer.
  • [AI: ALL] Check booth options
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