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CIP Kernel Release Candidate Testing

There are a number of tests that are run automatically when new changes are pushed to the linux-cip GitLab repository (either directly or through the mirror of the repository).

Not all of the available tests are run though due to time constraints. For example, the LTP test suit can take up to 3 hours to run, depending on the number of available platforms.

Details on all test cases can be found on the Continuous Integration Testing Overview page.

A process has been created to allow the CIP Kernel maintainers to run through all of the tests before they make a new release.

All a developer needs to do to run through all supported tests is make a push to either the GitLab or repository on a branch ending with either linux-4.19.y-cip-rc, linux-4.4.y-cip-rc, or linux-rc.

This will trigger a pipeline in GitLab that will build and test the Kernel configurations as defined in linux-cip-pipelines.

See Pipeline #106643279 for an example.

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