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CIP have set up their own instance of LAVA (Linaro Automated Validation Architecture). LAVA is a continuous integration system for deploying operating systems onto physical and virtual hardware for running tests. See the LAVA website for more details.

CIP is using a version of LAVA maintained by the KernelCI project which containerises support in a Docker image. The CIP lava-docker fork can be found on GitLab.


The CIP LAVA master is available at

The overall status can be viewed on the scheduler status page.


CIP currently have two LAVA workers:

All health of all workers can be viewed on the workers page.


The LAVA workers host the CIP reference platforms plus a few other similar platforms. A complete list of connected devices along with their statuses can be viewed on the active devices page.

The below image is a snapshot of the current devices as of 07/08/19:

How To

Submit a LAVA test job

See here for a guide on how to submit a LAVA test job.

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