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Download page: CIP Testing project

This is the download page of the CIP testing project.

Snapshot B@D Box

A snapshot of the latest state of B@D has been made available

B@D Snapshot B@D box (Virtual Machine) - checksum - GPG sig Prepared on Oct 5th 2018 from git SHA 333024a28086e6f98ec9b871d5467e0544c2ac9e

This version includes various bug fixes since the v1.0 release and now supports the Renesas iwg20 board. It comes with LAVA v2018.4. Use the GPG key in the v1.0 table for download verification.

Instructions to deploy and configure B@D v1.0, connect it to the board and test

Follow this instructions to deploy and configure B@D, connect the board and test the reference examples:

  1. Deploy B@D through Vagrant or by downloading the B@D standalone VM box directly (1/5).
  2. Once deployed, configure B@D (2/5).
  3. Connect the board (Beaglebone Black or Renesas IWG20M) to the host machine, where B@D is deployed.
  4. Build the kernel (system) to be tested and required artefacts (4/5).
  5. Check the reference test cases and try them as examples (5/5).

Feel free to:

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