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CHAOSS Software Committee

The CHAOSS Software Technical Committee aims to produce integrated, free, open source software for analyzing software development, and definition of standards and models used in that software in specific use cases.

Communication Channels

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for discussions related to the CHAOSS Software Technical Committee:

IRC Channel

The CHAOSS community has an IRC channel on freenode: #chaoss-community

Software Project Specific Communication

The projects developed by CHAOSS Software have their own means for communication, this mailing list is only for matters of interest to the whole Technical Committee.

CHAOSS Software Projects

The following are the projects currently developed by the CHAOSS Software Technical Committee.


GrimoireLab is a set of free, open source software tools for software development analytics. They gather data from many systems supporting development (git, GitHub, Jira, Bugzilla, Gerrit, mailing lists, Jenkins, Slack, Discourse, Confluence, StackOverflow, etc), merge and organize it in a database, and produce visualizations, actionable dashboards, and analytics of all of it. GrimoireLab is focused on analyzing activity, community and processes, but can be easy tailored for other aims. They can also be easily integrated with other tools.

* GrimoireLab Website:

* GrimoireLab Code:

* GrimoireLab dogfooding:

* GrimoireLab Tutorial:


Prospector is a tool for automated collection and continuous tracking of a wide range of metrics of open source projects useful in evaluating the health and trends of projects. Red Hat open sourced Prospector under GPLv3 as part of the launch of CHAOSS.

* Prospector Code:

* Prospector Live Proof of Concept:


Cregit is a framework of tools that facilitates the analysis and visualization of the evolution of source code stored in git repositories.

* Cregit Code:

* Cregit applied to Linux:

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