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Formation Meeting Minutes 2017-05-02

Governance Document

  • We have a new idea for a name for the group: CHAOSS - Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software.
  • The name “CHAOSS” is more distinct than the English 'chaos' and can serve as a better brand name.
  • We like the name.
  • The governance document combines two committees, one for code and our committee for metrics.
  • The Governing Board has members from both committees, ensures coordination between the committees, and maintains contact with the Linux Foundation.

Deep-Dive BoF at Open Source Summit North America

  • We will host a BoF at the Open Source Summit North America
  • For 60-90 minutes, we will do a deep-dive on the issue of 'growth/maturity/decline' rather than a broad survey
  • In the future, a deep-dives are desired, for example for risk.
  • We might have a chance to host an unconference session next weekend in Austin.
  • A possible process for our group could be: deep-dive → document → online feedback → finalize → go to 'new topic'

Ford Foundation Report

Cooperation with other Foundations

  • The CAOSS project pursues cooperation with other foundations and aims to be an industry-wide effort.
  • Goal: Establish initial cooperation before announcing the project publicly.

Update on Wiki

  • We are cleaning up the wiki, reducing the noise on the metric list and moving information to detail pages for each metric.

Website and Infrastructure

  • We would like to have a domain and landing page for the CHAOSS project when it is announced.
  • For the metrics committee, we have all the infrastructure we need: the Wiki, listserve, and regular calls.
  • We reduce the frequency of our calls to once a month and will announce the next meeting on the wiki.
  • It would be great to have a short background on each person involved in the project on the website.


(alphabetical by first name)

  • Georg Link
  • Kate Stewart
  • Kevin Lumbard
  • Matt Germonprez
  • Peter Monks
  • Sean Goggins
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