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Coarse Resource Enforcement


The CGOS needs to provide mechanisms that allow resource consumption constraints to be applied to an individual thread, a process and all processes running with a particular user ID or group ID, when resource consumption limits are exceeded.

These resource consumption constraints should follow today’s mechanisms for resource exhaustion for individual processes and groups of processes. Constraints must have actions that can be selected when an application is first started. Such actions include “log”, “signal process” and “terminate process”.

This requirement applies to CPUs as well as memory.



Use Cases

This feature will prevent rogue applications, processes or individual threads from running away with system resources, consequently compromising the integrity of the system and/or machine.

The system resources of interest are memory consumption, CPU utilization and disk and network I/O utilization, accounted at per-thread granularity. This will protect against sofware faults and increase system reliability. The feature will provide enough information (when a limit is approached, exceeded or decended) with a suitable interface for an external application to enforce policy decisions and take the actions described above.


In the lab: This feature will be used during application development to determine the appropriate thresholds to be used in deployed systems. It will be used in test environments to isolate problems related to limited system resources and / or high system load.

In the field: This feature will be used in deployed systems to ensure availability and reliability of the system as a whole. It will be used to refine appropriate thresholds when under real load. It will also be used to support the policy decisions described above.


SCOPE Alliance Carrier Grade Operating Systems, Gap Analysis v2.0, CGOS-4.5

Internal Use Only

State: [OPEN]

Section: [Availability]

Date opened: [2008.06.04]

Submitter: [SCOPE Alliance]

Owner: [SCOPE Alliance]

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