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Guidelines for Open A11y Specifications: Open Issues & Questions

General Issues Which Need to Be Addressed for All Specifications

  1. boilerplate “copyright” and “licensing” verbiage – get from from LF?
  2. is there a boilerplate LF template?
    • no
  3. should the boilerplate template be Open A11y specific?
    • status: yes, to the greatest extent possible
  4. all templates will use the Open A11y logo – what about the LF logo? is its use required?
    • status: use of the LF is not, required but appreciated
  5. is verbiage needed re: trademarks of companies, interested parties, implementors?
    • status: under investigation
  6. need boilerplate “status of this document” declarations
    • status: under consideration
    • status: under consideration

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