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After you check the IA2 project files out using BZR, this file can be used to understand how to build the IA2 docs, a merged IDL file, and a zip file containing the docs and IDL files.

  • The directory tree…
    • ia2 contains:
      • the build script (need cygwin bash shell interpreter installed)
      • doxygen.conf: the doxygen config file
      • a merged IDL file with all the IDL concatenated together
      • a zip file containing IDL and doxygen output
      • an api directory which contains the IDL
      • a docs directory which contains the doxygen generated output
      • an IDL-Test directory which contains Visual Studio files for testing:
        • IA2 IDL Test.dsp/dsw, IA2 Merged IDL Test.dsp, StdAfx.cpp/h
  • The build procedure
    • CD to the ia2 directory
    • sh >sh.out
    • notepad sh.out (to check for errors)
    • the doxgen generated files, merged idl file, and the zip file will be built
    • CD to the ia2\IDL-Test directory
    • activate the dsw file
    • There are two projects, one for the individual idl files, one for the merged idl file
    • Build, Batch Build, Choose the non-merged IDL project
    • Fix any errors, save the fixes, and rebuild the project.
    • If there were errors, rebuild the merged file by rerunning
    • Build, Batch Build, Choose the merged IDL project
    • Fix any errors in the original source IDLs or that caused the problem
    • Rerun the build script.

Note: Don't fix errors in the merged file; fix them in the correct source file.

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