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Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP) and Related Documents Concerning Device Independence from the W3C


Device Independence Technical Recommendations (Standards)

Device Independence Candidate Recommendations

Note: According to the W3C's Publication Process Document, the purpose of “Candidate Recommendation” means that “At this step, W3C believes the technical report is stable and appropriate for implementation. The technical report MAY still change based on implementation experience.”

Device Independence Last Call Working Drafts

Note: According to the W3C's Publication Process Document, a “Last Call” working draft:

A Working Group's Last Call announcement is a signal that: * the Working Group believes that it has satisfied its relevant technical requirements (e.g., of the charter or requirements document) in the Working Draft; * the Working Group believes that it has satisfied significant dependencies with other groups; * other groups SHOULD review the document to confirm that these dependencies have been satisfied.

* Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP): Structure and Vocabularies 2.0 (CC/PP 2.0)

  • This working draft updates the CC/PP 1.0 Recommendation by making it in line with the latest revision of RDF, and ensures its interoperability with OMA's UAProf2. The Last Call review period for this document ended on Friday, 6 July 2007.

Device Independence Working Drafts

Device Independence Working Group Notes

Note: A W3C Note is defined as a document “made available by the W3 Consortium for discussion only. This indicates no endorsement of its content, nor that the Consortium has, is, or will be allocating any resources to the issues addressed by the NOTE.”

  • This note provides a summary of several techniques and best practices that Web site authors and solution providers may employ when creating and delivering content to a diverse set of access mechanisms.
  • This note discusses the general principles associated with device independence.
  • This note discusses the challenges associated with authoring materials that can be accessed by a wide range of device with very different capabilities. It includes a set of high level requirements for systems that support device independence.

Device Independence Glossary

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