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Expert Accessibility Handlers Mission Statement, Draft 5

Generalized content markup (such as HTML) is complimented by markup specifications that facilitate more semantically precise content markup. Examples of specialized, semantically precise markup include MathML and MusicXML. Assistive technology (AT) typically handles generalized content markup, but does not know about specialized markup. Because of this, users of AT are unable to access or navigate specialized markup effectively.

The Open A11y Expert Handlers SIG is exploring a standardized plug-in mechanism to AT software. The goal of this plug-in standard is to allow AT software to take advantage of expert software that understands specialized markup. This plug-in standard will allow the expert software to provide enhanced, semantically rich access to specialized markup so that the AT can properly render (visually, aurally, and/or tactilly) and help users navigate the semantic meaning encoded in the specialized markup.

Discussion 17 September 2007

NS: any feedback?

JS: reread – very happy

Shawn: tactilly or tactilely?

conflict of spelling – need to check OED

PB: Mirriam-Webster has it between 2 ells

JS: point with confidence – MusicML smooshy, no real standards, just competing standards


NS: no real semantics; doesn't meet needs


NS: CellML – markup language to describe biological bio-chemical and chemichal markup; modeling cellular behavior – too abstract?

NS: chose music because simpler

V: people will understand musical markup

NS: wikipedia – MusicML supported by 80 applications

V: let's leave it

NS: does have some legitimacy

GJR: Vladmir's right musical vocabulary standardized, handy for breaking down items into component parts that people can understand (bar, measure, note, etc.)

JS: ok

PROPOSED: make this our mission statement

no objections

RESOLVED: this will be our mission statement

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