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November 2009 TAB Minutes

Present: James B., Jon C., Alan C, Ted T., Chris M., Greg K-H

Meeting called to order at 12:03pm US/Eastern

1. End User Summit: any last minute questions requests or updates?


2. Plumbers Steering Committee.  Looks like the dates have shifted
        to November in Boston. [Ted]

LinuxCon will be August 10-12, with mini-summits on August 8 and 9
Linux Plumbers Conference will be moving to November 3-5 and will be
co-located with the Linux Kernel Summit (Nov 1 & 2).

Ted will get numbers for the mini-summit costs.

3. Canonical Contributor Agreement: current status [Jim].

Jim is Korea; he was going to try to make it, couldn't.  According to
James, Jim is going to make one more attempt at trying to talk to
Canonical on this issue.

4. OSAPA update: none (the only meeting this month was the Tuesday
   of KS).  We could also do with another Victim^WVolunteer to
   attend the calls since it was Christoph Lameter and I.

still nothing.   Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday at 11am Central / 12
Eastern.   Ted will volunteer to be on the calls.

1. Vice Chair elections … with the deselection of Christoph
   Lameter, we need a new Vice Chair

Ted is interested in being vice chair.  Since no one else expressed
interest, Ted was elected by acclamation.

6. Any other business.


There being no other business, the TAB meeting was adjourned at 12:20pm

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