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 +====== Real-Time Summit 2018 Call for Presentations ======
 +This is a call for presentations for the 8th Real-Time Summit which
 +will be held in Edinburgh, UK, on October 25th, 2018. The event
 +follows the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2018.
 +The Real-Time Summit is organized by the Linux Foundation Real-Time
 +Linux (RTL) collaborative project. The event is intended to gather
 +developers and users of the Real-Time preemption patch. The main
 +intent is to provide room for discussion between developers, tooling
 +experts and users.
 +If you are interested to present, please submit a proposal to before September 9th, 2018, at 23:59 EST. Please
 +provide a title, abstract describing the proposed talk (900 characters
 +maximum), short biography (900 characters maximum), and describe the
 +targeted audience (900 characters maximum). Please indicate the slot
 +length you are aiming for: The format is a single track with
 +presentation slots of 30 or 45 minutes length. The maximum
 +presentation time is 15 resp. 25 minutes and the remaining time is
 +reserved for discussion. The focus of this event is discussion.
 +We are welcoming presentations from both end users and developers, on
 +topics covering, but not limited to:
 +  * Real-time Linux development
 +  * Real-time Linux evaluation
 +  * Real-time Linux use cases (Success and failures)
 +  * Real-time Linux tooling (tracing, configuration,​ ...)
 +Those can cover recently available technologies,​ ongoing work and new
 +ideas. Please understand that this is not a place for presenting sales
 +and marketing pitches or to advertise technology which is not related
 +or not usable in the context of real-time Linux technology.
 +Further information about the event is available at the Real-Time
 +Summit 2018 wiki page:
 +On behalf of the RTL collaborative project
 +Thomas Gleixner
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