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 ====== Real-Time Summit 2016 ====== ====== Real-Time Summit 2016 ======
-The Real-Time Summit which will be held in Berlin, Germany, on **October 11th, 2016**, at the Maritim +The Real-Time Summit which was held in Berlin, Germany, on **October 11th, 2016**, at the Maritim 
-Hotel Berlin. This event is co-located with [[http://​​events/​embedded-linux-conference-europe|Embedded Linux Conference Europe]] 2016.+Hotel Berlin. This event was co-located with [[http://​​events/​embedded-linux-conference-europe|Embedded Linux Conference Europe]] 2016.
 ---- ----
 <WRAP half column> <WRAP half column>
-===== Presentation Proposal ​=====+===== Schedule, Slides and Videos ​=====
-You are interested to present? Have a look at the [[realtime:​events:​rt-summit2016:​cfp|CFP]] for futher information. +The schedule for the event with download links for the presentation slides is [[realtime:​events:​rt-summit2016:​schedule|here]].
-<WRAP half column>​ +Real-Time Summit videos are available on [[https://​​playlist?​list=PLbzoR-pLrL6oauKOYMdNjN9RuTSmC6nfR|youtube]].
-===== Schedule =====+
-The tentative schedule for the event is [[realtime:​schedule2016|here]]. 
-<WRAP half column> 
-===== Registration ===== 
-You can register to the Real-Time Summit [[https://​​realtimesummit2016|here]]. There is no 
-need to register to any other event, and registration to attend the event 
-is free of charge. Alternatively,​ if you are already planning to attend 
-the Embedded Linux Conference, you may register for the Real-Time Summit as 
-an add-on option on the Embedded Linux Conference registration page. If you intend 
-to attend, we recommend you don't wait too much before registering,​ as 
-we need to consider room size limits. 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 ===== Sponsors ===== ===== Sponsors =====
-The Real-Time Summit ​is currently ​sponsored by the RTL collaborative +The Real-Time Summit ​was sponsored by the RTL collaborative 
-project. Please let us know if your company is interested in +project.
-sponsoring this event.+
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 <WRAP rightalign>​ Go to [[realtime:​start|RT-Wiki Mainpage]]</​WRAP>​ <WRAP rightalign>​ Go to [[realtime:​start|RT-Wiki Mainpage]]</​WRAP>​
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