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CUPS Printing Setup Mini-HOWTO

A Tutorial from Till Kamppeter

This tutorial shows the basics of printing with CUPS, including

  • Setting up local (USB, Parallel) PostScript and non-PostScript printers
  • Multi-function devices
  • Assigning an IP address to ethernet-connected printers
  • Sharing printers in networks
  • High availability - Redundant CUPS queues and servers
  • Sharing printers to Windows boxes with Samba
  • and more …

Read it here ...

Browse the tutorial online

Download a PDF file

The document is written in HTML and the PDF is generated from the HTML source using HTMLDOC. All files needed to generate the PDF file you can download here. Run “htmldoc –batch” for directly producing the PDF or “htmldoc” to get a graphical tool to configure the PDF layout.

... and discuss about it here!

You can discuss the tutorial in our forums.

Older Tutorial

And here is an older printing tutorial which Till has given together with Kurt Pfeifle on the Linux-Kongress 2002 in Germany. Note that this one is still based in Foomatic 2.x, but it contains some subjects not covered by the new tutorial.

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