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 ====== OpenChain Project WIKI ====== ====== OpenChain Project WIKI ======
-The OpenChain Project ​focuses on identifying common best practices in compliance programs that should be applied across a supply chain for efficient and effective ​compliance with open source ​licenses.+The OpenChain Project ​identifies key recommended processes ​for effective open source ​management. The project website can be found at http://​
-This WIKI is the working area for the project ​teams. ​ +This wiki contains our bi-weekly meeting minutes and some interactive material used by the OpenChain Project work teams.
-The project website ​can be found at +The OpenChain Project holds most of its discussions on a mailing list. You can sign up for the mailing list here: [[​listinfo/​openchain]]
-  +
-===== 1) Specification =====+
-The first version of the specification is now available. You could direct questions and feedback to the mailing list ( or the Specification Team Chair, Mark Gisi ( if you prefer to provide comments anonymously.+===== Active Wiki Pages =====
-{{:openchain:​openchainspec-current.pdfOpenChain Specification 1.1}}+[[http://​​openchain/minutes|Meeting Materials and Minutes]]
-The specification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found here:​{{https://​​openchain/​specification-questions-and-answers| Spec FAQs}}+[[OpenChain Specification Wiki Page]]
-==== Latest Draft ==== +[[OpenChain Conformance Wiki Page]]
-We recently released version 1.1 of specification and therefore there currently is no draft of the next version available yet. +
-==== Contributing to the Spec ====  +[[OpenChain Japanese Working Group]] 
-Please read the Spec FAQs before contributing. This will provide insight into the principles that have guided past decisions:​ +(https://​​openchain/​openchain-japanese-working-group)
-{{https://​​openchain/​specification-questions-and-answers| Spec FAQs}} +
- +
-Feedback on the current version of the spec can be submitted via Jira at: +
-https://​ +
- +
- +
- +
-==== Translations ==== +
-Multiple language translations of the specification would greatly facilitate adoption. We are currently developing a policy document to provide the guidance needed to i) facilitate the creation of translations and ii) preserve the accuracy and completeness of the specification. Details of of the policy and process are available on the following ​[[ https://​​openchain/​spec-translations |wiki page]] +
-   +
-===== 2) Curriculum===== +
- +
-The OpenChain Curriculum is designed to help organizations meet the training and process requirements of the OpenChain Specification. Release 2 of the slides is available now under CC-0 licensing to allow everyone to use, study, share and improve the material. +
- +
-The OpenChain Curriculum reference slides are available in several formats: +
-  * {{ :​openchain:​openchain-curriculum-release-2.pdf |Release 2 in PDF format ​(slides only)}} +
-  * {{ :​openchain:​openchain-curriculum-release-2-with-notes.pdf |Release 2 in PDF format (slides and notes)}} +
-  * {{ :​openchain:​openchain-curriculum-release-2.pptx |PowerPoint for trainers, editing and adjustments}} +
- +
-We also have a Korean translation of the Release 1 slides from November 2016 available in PDF and PowerPoint format: +
-  * {{ :​openchain:​openchain-curriculum-release-1-kor.pdf |}} +
-  * {{ :​openchain:​openchain-curriculum-release-1-kor.pptx |}} +
- +
-There is a Frequently Asked Questions page explaining the OpenChain Curriculum in more detail here: +
-  * [[https://​​openchain/​curriculum-questions-and-answers|OpenChain Curriculum FAQ]] +
- +
-The OpenChain Curriculum is actively developed and has a [[openchain:​curriculum|dedicated page]]. +
- +
-===== 3Conformance Check ===== +
- +
-The OpenChain Conformance Check is designed to assess an organization'​s status of conformance with a specific version of the OpenChain Specification. +
- +
-The first version of the Conformance Check is now available. You could direct questions and feedback to the mailing list ( or the Conformance Team Chair, Miriam Ballhausen ( if you prefer to provide comments anonymously. +
- +
-{{ :​openchain:​openchain_conformance_conformance_check_1.0.pdf |}} +
- +
-We will shortly launch an Online Self-Certification Web App alongside OpenChain Specification 1.1. Everyone who uses the Online Self-Certification and successfully passes will be automatically added to the list of [[https://​​openchain-conformant|Conformant Organizations]]. You can already preview the [[https://​​_media/​openchain/​openchain_conformance_conformance_check_1.1.pdf|OpenChain Conformance Handbook for OpenChain Specification 1.1]].+
 ===== Frequently Asked Questions===== ===== Frequently Asked Questions=====
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 ===== License ===== ===== License =====
 All contributions to OpenChain are made under the [[http://​​publicdomain/​zero/​1.0/​legalcode|Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal]] license. All contributions to OpenChain are made under the [[http://​​publicdomain/​zero/​1.0/​legalcode|Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal]] license.
-===== Mailing List ===== 
-The group is already communicating via an OpenChain mailing list. You can sign up for the mailing list here: [[https://​​mailman/​listinfo/​openchain]] 
-===== Meeting Details ===== 
-The OpenChain Workgroup meets on the first and third Monday of each month: 
-  * The call on the first Monday is intended for US/Europe attendees and takes place at 4pm UTC. This currently translates to 9am PST, 12pm EST and 4pm GMT (content focused on Specification and Certification). 
-  * The call on the third Monday is intended for APAC/US attendees and takes place at 12am UTC. This currently translates to 5pm PST, 8pm EST and the following day at 9am JST, 8am China (content focused on Specification and Curriculum). 
-The conference call information is below: 
-UberConference URL: [[https://​​kellyw]] 
-Conference Audio Number: +1 855-889-3011 
-For international call instructions,​ please visit the URL below. Please note you will have to enter the US Conference number (8558893011) as part of the instructions:​ [[http://​​international/​access]] 
-Screen share (if used): go to [[https://​​kellyw]] 
-Information from past meetings can be found at: [[http://​​openchain/​minutes|Meeting Materials and Minutes]] 
-===== Logo and Presentation Template ===== 
-Available upon request. Please send a request to the email list with an appropriate description of your intended use.+[[Depreciated Wiki Content]]
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