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-**What is the objective of the of the of the OpenChain Conformance ​Check?**+**Please note that this is a document under active editing by the OpenChain Conformance ​Work Team contributors. The official OpenChain FAQ is here: [[https://​​faq|OpenChain FAQ]]. Last updated 04-19-2017**
-The conformance check is designed to assess ​the status ​of OpenChain ​conformance in relation to a specific version of the specification. ​ The conformance is a self-confirmation provided by organizations. ​ By completing the Conformance Check, participants are able to confirm they are in compliance with the Specification’s requirements.  ​+====What ​is the objective ​of OpenChain ​Conformance Self-Certification?​====
-**Where can I obtain ​copy of the current version ​of the OpenChain ​Conformance Check?**+OpenChain Self-Certification is designed to assess the status of OpenChain Conformance in relation to specific version ​of the [[https://​​spec|OpenChain Specification]]. ​ Organizations ​of any size can accomplish Self-Certification through ​the OpenChain ​Project Online Self-Certification Web App. A company that completes the Online Self-Certification confirms they meet the OpenChain Specification requirements.  ​
 +====Where can I access the OpenChain Online Self-Certification?​====
-A link to the current version of the OpenChain ​Conformance Check can be found here: [[​openchain/​openchain_conformance_conformance_check_1.0.pdf+A link to the OpenChain ​Online Self-Certification ​can be found here: [[
 ]] ]]
-**What if I want to change my submission?​**+Please note: The Online Self-Certification is currently focused on the pre-release OpenChain Specification 1.1: 
-Please contact with your inquiry+If you wish to Self-Certify to the current release of the OpenChain Specification 1.0 you can do so manually using this document: 
 +====Where can I find out more about Getting Started with OpenChain Self-Certification?​==== 
 +Follow the Getting Started instructions on the OpenChain Conformance website: [[https://​​conformance|OpenChain Conformance website]] 
 +====What if I want to change my submission?​==== 
 +You will see an Unsubmit button at the bottom of the page after signing in to the [[https://​​ 
 +|Online Self-Certification]] site.  Clicking this button will cancel your previous OpenChain Self-Certification submission. ​ You can then re-submit the conformance check. 
 +====What is meant by Artifacts?​==== 
 +Artifacts are a tangible by-product of implementing OpenChain conformance policies. ​ These can include digital documents, websites or paper documents public or private. ​ All Artifacts should be verified internally by the organization using them. 
 +====What if I don't agree with a submission made by another organization?​==== 
 +Email <​openchain-conformance@linux-foundation.comwith the name of the organization you are concerned about and the reason you disagree with their submission. ​ You should expect a response within 4 weeks. 
 +====Do I need to make the Verification Artifacts available when I self-certify?​==== 
 +You do not need to make the Verification Artifacts as part of the self-certification. We do expect you to be able to provide the Verification Artifacts promptly upon request, as you confirm when you submit ​your self-certification request. If you choose, you may also make the Verificaton Artifacts available {WHERE?}. Please note that if you make them available they will be generally accessible and not only be available to us. 
 +We are aware that the self-certification questionnaire is used by companies you may be contracting or negotiating with to assess your conformance. In this context, the companies may ask you to provide the Verification Artifacts to them. Such request has no bearing on your self-certification per se. However, if you are not able to provide the Verification Artifacts upon request or if they lack substance, these companies may complain to us. Upon such complaint, we may ask you to provide your Verification Artifacts to us for us to verify your Conformance. 
 +====What will the OpenChain Project verfify, if they receive a complaint about me?==== 
 +====Who will perform such verification?​==== 
 +====What response time should I expect to a submittal request?​==== 
 +If all information is correct, the submittal will automatically be approved by the system. ​ Any omissions or incorrect answers will be reported by the user. 
 +====How do I report issues with the Online Self-Certification Web App?==== 
 +Email <​>​ with any issues. ​ Please include specific information on the issue you have encountered. 
 +====How can I contribute?​==== 
 +Visit the [[https://​​community|OpenChain Community website]] for information on how to join and contribute.
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