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  1. added note to link to ATK tests that format is a BZR repository front page changes/fixes, 24 September 2007

  1. made link to Input/Output SIG "live" front page changes/fixes, 20 September 2007

  1. added direct links to IAccessible2 and Handlers meetings and minutes pages under listing of Open A11y SIGs front page changes/fixes, 12 September 2007

  1. provided expansion for "ISVs" (independent software vendor) front page changes/fixes, 11 September 2007

  1. changed FSGA to Open A11y on first heading in web space
  2. moved a11yspecs up in list of "group resources" front page changes/fixes, 27 August 2007

  1. expanded hyperlink text for "Email" changes/fixes, 16 August 2007:

1) there is now a rudimentary sub-site for the KBD SIG, located at:
1B) needs prose
1C) needs prose
1D) is unpopulated, as i do not know the schedule of kbd SIG meetings, nor how many are available in text or audio format

Lingering Questions About the Kdb SIG's sub-site:

  1. Should the mixed case directory name Kbd be all-capital letters (KBD) or all lower-case (kbd)?
  2. Is there an official description of the KBD SIG? One is needed for:
  3. Is there a pre-existing KBD FAQ for: changes/fixes, 31 July 2007:

comments: made list of SIGs an list underneath a heading

2) there is now a sub-site for the ATK/AT-SPI Special Interest Group changes/fixes, 30 July 2007:

comments: added list of SIGs
note: there aren't sub-pages for I/O, ATK/AT-SPI, or Keyboards
comments: fixed links to SIGs
note: lack links for I/O, ATK/AT-SPI, and Keyboard
comments: fixed links to Agendas and Minutes

questions (30 July 2007):
1) someone hijacked the "Draft Specifications" link on's front page (in the main list of links under the Workgroup Resources header); it currently points to:

what should be the base URI for "Draft Specifications"?